BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 3D [1991 / 2014] [3D Blu-ray + 2D Blu-ray] [UK Release] Disney's 30th Animated Classic! Be Our Guest to a World of Enchantment! The Most Beautiful Love Story Ever Told!

Acclaimed and treasured like no other, Disney's beloved modern classic, the first animated feature film in the history of the Oscars® nominated for Best Picture in 1991, is brilliantly transformed to a new level of entertainment through the magic of 3D Blu-ray High Definition. The music you'll never forget the characters that will fill your heart and the magical adventure about finding beauty within all come to spectacular life in 3D Blu-ray. Plus, all-new, immersive bonus features will transport you even further into Belle's enchanted world. So be our guest and join the beloved, independent Belle and the Beast with the soul of a prince as they cast an enchanting spell like never before. Narrated by David Ogden Stiers.

FILM FACT No.1: Awards and Nominations: 1992 Academy Awards® Win: Best Music and Original Score for Alan Menken. Win: Best Music and Original Song for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman for the song "Beauty and the Beast." Nominated: Best Picture for Don Hahn. Nominated: Best Sound Mixing for Terry Porter, Mel Metcalfe, David J. Hudson and Doc Kane. Nominated: Best Music and Original Song for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman for the song "Be Our Guest." Nominated: Best Music and Original Song for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman for the song "Belle." 1992 Golden Globe® Awards: Win: Best Motion Picture for Musical or Comedy for Don Hahn. Win: Best Original Score for Motion Picture for Alan Menken. Win: Best Original Song for Motion Picture for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman for the song "Beauty and the Beast." Nominated: Best Original Song for Motion Picture for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman for the song "Be Our Guest." 1993 Grammy Awards: Win Best Pop Performance by a Group or Duo with Vocal for "Beauty and the Beast." Win: Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture. Win: Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television for "Beauty and the Beast." Win: Best Pop Instrumental Performance for "Beauty and the Beast." Nominated: Album of the Year. Nominated: Record of the Year for Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson for the song "Beauty and the Beast." Win: Best Album for Children. Nominated: Song of the Year for "Beauty and the Beast."

FILM FACT No.2: ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ was the second animated film, after ‘The Rescuers Down Under,’ produced using CAPS [Computer Animation Production System], a digital scanning, ink, paint, and compositing system of software and hardware developed for Disney by PIXAR. In addition, CAPS allowed easier combination of hand-drawn art with computer-generated imagery, which before had to be plotted to animation paper and then Xeroxed and painted traditionally. This technique was put to significant use during the "Beauty and the Beast" waltz sequence, in which Belle and the Beast to dance through a computer-generated ballroom as the camera dollies around them in simulated 3D space. The filmmakers had originally decided against the use of computers in favour of traditional animation, but later, when the technology had improved, decided it could be used for the one scene in the ballroom. The success of the ballroom sequence helped convince studio executives to further invest in computer animation.

Voice Cast: Robby Benson (Beast), Jesse Corti (Lefou), Rex Everhart (Maurice), Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Potts), Paige O'Hara (Belle), Jerry Orbach (Lumiere), Bradley Pierce (Chip), David Ogden Stiers (Cogsworth), Richard White (Gaston), Jo Anne Worley (Wardrobe), Mary Kay Bergman (Bimbette), Brian Cummings (Stove), Alvin Epstein (Bookseller), Tony Jay (Monsieur D'Arque), Alec Murphy (Baker), Kimmy Robertson (Featherduster), Hal Smith (Philippe), Kath Soucie (Bimbette), Frank Welker (Footstool), Jack Angel (Tavern Man), Bruce Adler (voice), Scott Barnes (voice), Vanna Bonta (voice), Maureen Brennan (voice), Liz Callaway (Additional Voices), Philip L. Clarke (voice), Margery Daley (voice), Jennifer Darling (French Woman #3 voice), Albert de Ruiter (voice), George Dvorsky (voice), Bill Farmer (voice), Bruce Fifer (voice), Johnson Flucker (voice), Larry Hansen (voice), Randy Hansen (voice), Mary Ann Hart (voice), Alix Korey (voice), Phyllis Kubey (voice), Hearndon Lackey (voice), Sherry Lynn (voice), Mickie McGowan French Woman voice), Larry Moss (voice), Panchali Null (voice), Wilbur Pauley (voice), Jennifer Perito (voice), Caroline Peyton (voice), Patrick Pinney (voice), Cynthia Richards-Hewes (voice), Phil Proctor (voice), Susan Napoli (voice), Gordon Stanley (voice), Stephen Sturk (voice) and Brian Harvey (Townsperson voice) (uncredited)

Directors: Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise

Producers: Don Hahn, Howard Ashman, John Lasseter (3D version) and Sarah McArthur

Screenplay: Brenda Chapman (story), Brian Pimental (story), Bruce Woodside (story), Burny Mattinson (story), Christopher Sanders (story), Joe Ranft (story), Kelly Asbury (story), Kevin Harkey (story), Linda Woolverton (animation screenplay), Robert Lence (story), Roger Allers (story supervisor), Tom Ellery (story), Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve (based upon the original tale) (uncredited) and Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (original story) (uncredited)

Composer: Alan Menken

Image Resolution: 1080p

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Audio: English: 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio,
German: 7.1 DTS-HD Resolution
Spanish: 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix
Russian: 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix
Hindi: 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix
Português: 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
English: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Audio

Subtitles: English, English SDH, German, Spanish, Russian and Português

Running Time: 84 minutes

Region: All Regions

Number of discs: 2

Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Andrew's Blu-ray Review: There is something about ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ 3D [1991] that resonates deep inside everyone. It transcends children's animation and becomes something much more. When I think of ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ I immediately think of Disney. It's a connection without question that has become synonymous with animated films.

‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ 3D is full of excitement, an enthralling story, and some of the most memorable musical numbers to ever grace the big screen. There isn't a song on ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ that can possibly be ignored. Each one demands your attention as they shower you with nostalgic memories of Disney's hand drawn animation heyday.

Because the Young Prince [Robby Benson] refused to give refuge to a haggard-looking woman, the Young Prince has been cursed, and transformed into a hideous beast, and his entire staff of servants changed into living inanimate objects, like clocks and candlesticks. Like many of these stories go, the curse can only be broken by true love.

Belle [Paige O'Hara] is a beautiful young girl who lives in the neighbouring town. Belle loves reading, breaks into song on a moment's notice, and lives with her kooky father Maurice [Rex Everhart]. Belle is a curious creature, and has her head on straight when it comes to life. The town’s macho man, Gaston [Richard White], has his eye on Belle. Gaston boasts about how many eggs he eats every day and how accurate his spitting is, because he is a real man's man. Only a manly man would use antlers in all of his decorating. Gaston is sure that Belle is going to marry him, and who wouldn't want to marry him; because Gaston is the finest male specimen around.

Belle's father Maurice is an inventor, and on his way to a fair to show off his new invention he gets lost and finds himself at the steps of a strange Baroque imposing castle and it's interesting that this castle has been there for some time, and the townspeople are only now realising it. Maurice is imprisoned by the beast. Once Belle realises Maurice is missing, Belle goes out looking for him, and finds the Baroque imposing castle, and trades herself for Maurice's life. Now Belle must embark on the seemingly impossible quest of loving a beast. But compared to Gaston, the beast is a catch.

In a day and age when computer animation is all the rage, it's amazing and refreshing to revisit ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ 3D and see just how beautiful hand drawn animation can be. The animation here is some of the most colourful and lively in all of Disney's long line of animated features. The music, created by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken which is the same duo that worked together on ‘The Little Mermaid,’ which in some cases has not only stayed in our minds ever since this animation film was released. But to this day, "Be Our Guest" still pops up in my head continually, as it has now gone into the annuls of popular musical song culture.

Nowadays, with the Ten Best Picture slots at the Oscars, it's much easier for animated films to find their way into the awards picture. Back when 'Beauty and the Beast' was made, it was unthinkable that a children's animated feature could be nominated for Best Picture. ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ 3D is a classic fairy tale, and with Disney's touch, it has become one of the most memorable and influential animated features of all time.


PROLOGUE (uncredited) (Music by Alan Menken)

BELLE (uncredited) (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken) (Arranged by Alan Menken and Danny Troob) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Paige O'Hara, Richard White, Alec Murphy, Mary Kay Bergman, Kath Soucie, and Chorus]

BELLE (Reprise) (uncredited) (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken) (Arranged by Alan Menken and Danny Troob) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Paige O'Hara]

BE OUR GUEST (uncredited) (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken) (Arranged by Alan Menken and Danny Troob) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Jerry Orbach, Angela Lansbury and Chorus]

GASTON (uncredited) (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken) (Arranged by Alan Menken and Danny Troob) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Richard White, Jesse Corti and Chorus]

SOMETHING THERE (uncredited) (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken) (Arranged by Alan Menken and Danny Troob) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, Angela Lansbury, Jerry Orbach and David Ogden Stiers]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (uncredited) (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken) (Arranged by Alan Menken and Danny Troob) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Angela Lansbury]

THE MOB SONG (uncredited) (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken) (Arranged by Alan Menken and Danny Troob) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Richard White and Chorus]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (End Title Duet) (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Walter Afanasieff) (Arranged by Walter Afanasieff and Robbie Buchanan) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson]

HUMAN AGAIN (Music by Alan Menken) (Lyrics by Howard Ashman) (Produced by Alan Menken) (Arranged by Danny Troob) (Orchestrated by Danny Troob) [Performed by Angela Lansbury, Jerry Orbach, David Ogden Stiers, Jo Anne Worley, and Chorus]

* * * * *

3D Blu-ray Image Quality – For this 3D release, ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ is presented in a stunning 1080p image transfer in the 1.78:1 aspect ratio. Painstakingly converted, this is an absolutely stunning experience that opens the film up in new and exciting ways. To be perfectly honest, I am a huge supporter of 3D, but always sceptical about conversions of already existing 2D films, so I went into this release with some pretty strong reservations. With that in mind, for those who admit that they feel this 3D Blu-ray disc might have a sceptical stance, well don’t, as overall, the 3D video image is simply outstanding and totally gorgeous and is wonderfully bold and rich colours light up the screen from the moment the film starts, and it does not let up until the credits role at the end of the animation film. Detail is exceptional, showing off the intricately designed characters and locations, from cosy towns and spooky woods to the Baroque imposing castle and lush countryside's, revealing every stroke of the animators' hard work. Of course the real focus of this release is the 3D effect. So, how does it look? Well, with the exception of a few minor snags here and there, it's quite stunning, essentially offering a pristine window into a beautiful storybook world. Depth is also fantastic, separating the various planes of the frame into distinct layers that still work organically together. While there certainly is a pop-up book quality to the presentation, and in this case that's not a bad thing, the 3D effect gives a slight curvature to the 2D characters and objects, making them feel a little more spatially rounded than completely flat. Wide shots tend to look the most striking, offering an immense perception of distance between foreground objects and background locations. Swirling leaves, soaring birds, and flying bats all provide some nice pop-out moments that extend slightly outward from the screen. Various forms of precipitation are particularly impressive, and a few shots that start indoors and then slowly track out into the falling snow feature a great amount of immersion. Even comparatively subtle moments, like a scene where Belle holds a flower and blows the petals away, causing them to dance inward and outward around the screen, are a treat to behold. All of the major set-pieces, including the playful "Be our Guest" performance, and the beloved title track sequence set in an extravagant ballroom, utilise just the right amount of subtlety and you definitely get those "wow" moments. Of course nothing really compares to the climax, which features the townspeople storming the Beast's castle and with a constant flow of rain drenching the foreground and splashes of lightning electrifying the frame, the moody atmosphere is taken to an entirely new level thanks to the 3D effect. All of the visuals swell with the rousing music in a way that simply couldn't happen in 2D Blu-ray version alone. While this is a wonderful transfer, there are some very minor issues. There are a couple of instances in which the converted effects feel slightly unnatural or where proportions of distance between different parts of characters or objects feels a little off. Also, in some rare instances where there is a lot of detail, activity, and motion all at once, the image can get a little jumbled and a bit disorienting. Ghosting is also present, but it is negligible and mostly occurs when there is a dark object in the foreground, plus various statues in the Beast's castle, for example. All of these issues are really very minor and I thought I had better point out these minor flaws; however, it does not detract from what is otherwise a beautiful flawless 3D conversion.

Blu-ray Audio Quality – Disney went back to the source with original sound mixer Terry Porter, who was nominated for Best Sound in 1999, and created an all-new 7.1 mix. After creating a 7.1 mix for the originally mono-track ‘Snow White and the Dwarfs’ and making it sound superb, I had no reservations that Disney would be able to take ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ 3D and remixed it to perfection. In short, they have. I can't think of a Disney's film library that could benefit more from a 7.1 mix than ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ 3D. There's so much going on, and the musical numbers alone demand a mix that can support their sheer size and spectacle. Dialogue is spread throughout the front part of the sound field, even finding its way into the side speakers for some stellar directionality that caused me to turn my head more than once. The Beast's voice is full of life, and the sub gets a heavy workout during his numerous yells and roars. Frankly, it's so deep and resonant; it's what you also experience with the film ‘Jurassic Park’ and its awesome T-Rex. The rear of the sound field is almost just as busy as the front. There isn't a time where the rears aren't at the least engaged. The musical numbers bring the surround sound to life as the characters sing and dance, engulfing you in this stunning Disney 3D Blu-ray. The Sound effects are pristine, pans sound perfect. This is one of the best high definition sound presentations of the year, if not the best. Everything from the crystal clear dialogue and song lyrics to the chaotic cacophony of sounds that accompany the great battle scene at the end are perfectly remixed to give us the most wondrous sound design ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ 3D has ever enjoyed on this Blu-ray disc.

* * * * *

2D Blu-ray Special Features and Extras:

Special Feature: ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ – Special Extended Version [2002] [1080p] [1.78:1] [92:00] The animated film was restored for its rerelease in 2002. The biggest, and most notable change to the animation film here is the addition of the originally cut musical number called "Human Again" was removed from the Theatrical Version due to continuity reasons in 1991. It has now been seamlessly inserted back into the film.

Special Feature: ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ – Original Theatrical Release [1991] [1080p] [1.78:1] [84:00] This is being included in the special features, because there are a few versions of the film you can watch. This is how the animation film was originally appeared in cinemas when it was first released.

Special Feature: ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ – Theatrical Release [with Story reel Picture-in-Picture] [1991] [1080p] [1.78:1] [84:00] With Story reel Picture-in-Picture, fans can view the theatrical cut alongside the filmmakers' original illustrated story reel, and an incredibly early version of the film that features rough animation, hand-drawn storyboards and other preproduction artwork.

Audio Commentary with Producer Don Hahn and co-directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale [Special Edition Only]: They all discuss the Special Extended Edition of ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ and waste little time in doing so. The trio dissect the story and characters, the animation techniques utilised throughout the film, its place in Disney history, the dialogue and songs, casting and the voice recording sessions, the challenges they faced during its long and complex production and much, much more. It's a thoroughly engaging and informative track that should not be missed. It's one of the better audio commentaries out there. Never does it feel dry or mundane. These guys get down to business and really discuss everything you could hope to find out about this amazing animated  film. It's a thoroughly engaging and informative track that should not be missed.

Special Feature: Sing-Along Track [2002] [1080p] [1.78:1] [92:00]: The Special Extended cut even offers a text-based  "Sing-Along Mode" for anyone interested in belting out a Disney tune or two in the privacy of their own home.

Special Feature: Broadway Beginnings: Backstage Disney [Diamond Edition] [1994] [1080p] [1.78:1] [13:00] Go behind the scenes and experience the magic of Disney on Broadway at New York’s New Amsterdam Theatre. This TV Special has a string of name-that-face celebrities, production team members and stage actors wax poetic about the Broadway adaptation of the film. And the contributors we hear from with this TV Special are Alan Irwin Menken, Tim Miles Rice, Howard Elliott Ashman, Linda Irene Woolverton, Michael Dammann Eisner, Terrence Matt Mann, Anna Menken, Aiden Meren, Janis Menken, Nora Menken, Evan Marden, Helena Marden, Evelina Marden, Ariana Marden, Liana Marden, Matilda Ashman, Emma Meren, Eva Ashman and Audrey Bella Lavine.

Special Feature: Family Play: Looking for yet another way to watch ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.’ In a fit of overkill, the wizards at Disney have also devised a "Fast Play Mode" that allows users to customise and automate their viewing experience based on time and specific interests. It's rather extraneous, but I'm sure someone will enjoy it. Don't like it? Move along then, there's plenty of other content on tap.

Special Feature: Music Video ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ performed by Jordin Sparks [1994] [1080p] [1.78:1] [3:26] You get to see the singer Jordin Sparks, combined with selections from the Disney animated film. Bet you thought that there wouldn't be another music video tacked on, but there is!

Special Feature: Composing A Classic: A Musical Conversation with Alan Menken, Don Hahn and Richard Kraft [1994] [1080p] [1.78:1] [20:00] Composer Alan Menken, music agent and Disney historian Richard Kraft, and producer Don Hahn chat at length about the film's rousing songs and musical score, as well as the art of furthering a story through music.

Special Feature: Deleted Scene: Alternate Story Opening for ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ [1994] [1080p] [1.78:1] [28:00] Former Walt Disney Studios chairman Peter Schneider introduces a sprawling alternate opening and pieced together from a studio story reel created before the official voice actors were cast, and story supervisor Roger Allers does the same for a deleted scene and composed of storyboards, involving Belle's exploration of the Beast's library.

Sneak Previews: ‘Cars 2’ 3D [Blu-ray]; ‘Lady and the Tramp’ [Diamond Edition] [Blu-ray]; ‘Cinderella’ [Diamond Edition] [Blu-ray]; ‘Disney Nature: Chimpanzee’ [Blu-ray] and Disney's ‘Secret of the Wings’ [Blu-ray].

Finally, Disney has done it again. The Blu-ray edition of ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ was already amazing; but this 3D Blu-ray release of ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ is nothing short of astonishing. This 3D version gives viewers an impressive  new way to experience this stunning animation film that actually enhances the original content through some wonderfully immersive 3D effects. Like its 2010 predecessor, it stands as both a must-have release and a solid contender for the studio's best Blu-ray release of the year. Yes, even though it's arguably a mere re-issue of sorts. Fans will be treated to three full versions of the classic animated film, two reference-level video transfers, an immersive 3D experience, a monstrous 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio surround track, and hours upon hours of special features including a Picture-in-Picture Story reel presentation, a filmmakers audio commentary, a three-hour branching documentary and much, much more. Without hesitation or clarification, ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ in 3D earns my unabashed highest ultimate praise. Very Highly Recommended!

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