BEST OF 3D VOLUME 1 – 3 [2012] [Blu-ray] [2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013] [German Release] The Best Way to Experience the World in 3D!

With BEST OF 3D VOLUME 1 – 3 you will meet alligators, experience speedy sports cars, hike through beautiful cities, and dive into the coral reef and lose yourself in impressive animated worlds in the best 3D perfection. You'll also experience the three-dimensional adrenaline rush of extreme athletes, dive with sharks in Thailand, and watch the award-winning animated film Little Postman.

Another highlight is the production Save Me by LICHTMOND, the German music act that has already been awarded platinum. Let yourself be impressed by the animated 3D world and a totally unique sound!

All films on this Blu-Ray, which is produced exclusively in real 3D, have one thing in common: they offer 3D enjoyment in total perfection and optimised for all 3D Televisions. BEST OF 3D VOLUME 1 – 3 has been developed and compiled to bring the world's best real 3D content, produced at the highest level of available 3D technology, to life in a Blu-Ray series.

BEST OF 3D VOLUME 1 – 3 is a must for anyone who wants to experience amazing 3D in the best perfection outside of the cinema.

FILM FACT: The basic components of 3D film were introduced separately between 1833 and 1839. Stroboscopic animation was developed by Joseph Plateau in 1832 and published in 1833 in the form of a stroboscopic disc,[2] which he later called the Fanta scope and became better known as the phénakisticope. Around the very same time (1832/1833), Charles Wheatstone developed the stereoscope, but he did not really make it public before June 1838. The first practical forms of photography were introduced in January 1839 by Louis Daguerre and Henry Fox Talbot. A combination of these elements into animated stereoscopic photography may have been conceived early on, but for decades it did not become possible to capture motion in real-time photographic recordings due to the long exposure times necessary for the light-sensitive emulsions that were used. Most of the other early attempts to create motion pictures also aimed to include the stereoscopic effect. In November 1851, Antoine Claudet claimed to have created a stereoscope that showed people in motion. The device initially only showed two phases, but during the next two years, Antoine Claudet worked on a camera that would record stereoscopic pairs for four different poses (patented in 1853). Antoine Claudet found that the stereoscopic effect did not work properly in this device, but believed the illusion of motion was successful. In the late 1890s, British film pioneer William Friese-Greene filed a patent for a 3D film process. In his patent, two films were projected side by side on screen. The viewer looked through a stereoscope to converge the two images. Because of the obtrusive mechanics behind this method, theatrical use was not practical. Frederic Eugene Ives patented his stereo camera rig in 1900. The camera had two lenses coupled together 1 and 3⁄4 inches (4.45 centimetres) apart. On June 10, 1915, Edwin S. Porter and William E. Waddell presented tests to an audience at the Astor Theater in New York City. In red-green anaglyph, the audience was presented three reels of tests, which included rural scenes, test shots of Marie Doro, a segment of John Mason playing a number of passages from Jim the Penman (a film released by Famous Players–Lasky that year, but not in 3D), Oriental dancers, and a reel of footage of Niagara Falls. However, according to Adolph Zukor in his 1953 autobiography The Public Is Never Wrong: My 50 Years in the Motion Picture Industry, nothing was produced in this process after these tests.

Image Resolution: 1080p

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Audio: 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo

Running Time: 189 minutes

Number of discs: 1

Region: Region Free

Studio: Lighthouse Home Entertainment

Andrew’s 3D Blu-ray Review: BEST OF 3D VOLUME 1 – 3 Brings you something really special and totally unique of different kinds of amazing 3D images which will make you realise you have been missing something never seen before, because you are presented with four unique separate volumes of Award winning collection of footage recorded throughout the world in high definition stereoscopic 3D cameras and they are as follows:

Volume 1: Fun Sports:

 Sky Diving + Other Sports [2012] [1080p] [1.78:1] [9:52]

Skateboarding + Other Wheel Sports [2012] [1080p] [1.78:1] [10:03]

Tauchen: Diving [Explore the World] [2012] [1080p] [1.78:1] [30:00]

Sand Boarding + Other Wheel Sports [2011] [1080p] [1.78:1] [10:03]

Storm Surfers [Trailer] [2012] [1080p] [1.78:1] [2:20]

* * * * *

Volume 2: Wonders of Nature:

Alligator Kingdom 3D [2010] [1080p] [1.78:1] [28:02]

Ocean World 3D [2011] [1080p] [1.78:1] [4:53]

Easter Island [2012] [1080p] [1.78:1] [5:48]

Venedig: Venice – City in Italy [2012] [1080p] [1.78:1] [15:51]

3D Slideshow [2012] [1080p] [1.78:1] [6:02]

* * * * *

Volume 3: Animation Festival:

Case Love Gangs [2010] [1080p] [1.78:1] [20:50]

Little Postman [2011] [1080p] [1.78:1] [4:37]

LICHTMOND Save Me [2010] [1080p] [1.78:1] [4:37]

Scarecrow: Polish painter Jerzy Duda-Gracz [2011] [1080p] [1.78:1] [5:44]

* * * * *

BONUS: Special:

Mercedes C63 AMG [2010] [1080p] [1.78:1] [17:47]

Rise [2010] [1080p] [1.78:1] [4:30]

Dualphasenstahl [Dual-phase steel] [2010] [1080p] [1.78:1] [3:51]

* * * * *

3D Blu-ray Image Quality – Lighthouse Home Entertainment presents us the BEST OF 3D VOLUME 1 – 3 with a stunning 1080p 3D image throughout this 3D Blu-ray release and shown in the 1.78:1 aspect ratio and you will definitely say WOW! Because you get to view a varied compilation of high-quality 3D productions, and you get to experience some wonderful pop out moments, but sadly some of the 3D images you do experience some ghosting. All that are produced includes 189 minutes of great documentaries, extreme sports scenes and animations are included. The best 3D experiences are Tauchen: Diving [Explore the World], Easter Island, 3D Slideshow and LICHTMOND Save Me. All in all, there are some 3D experience for the whole family to demonstrate 3D at home to amaze your family and friends. 

3D Blu-ray Audio Quality – Lighthouse Home Entertainment brings us BEST OF 3D VOLUME 1 – 3 with an amazing 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio experience, and gives you an awesome dynamically sound distribution, and the bass is totally superb and appears both musically and in terms of effects, a total cinematic experience. All in all, you will experience something truly wonderful audio that at times gives you an impression of audio perfection. The best sound experiences are Tauchen: Diving [Explore the World], LICHTMOND Save Me and Dualphasenstahl [Dual-phase steel].

* * * * *

Finally, this 3D Blu-ray release of the BEST OF 3D VOLUME 1 – 3 is something really special and totally unique and also totally awesome at the same time that I have not witnessed in a very long time. You get to view some really exciting 3D images of different genres, and best of all is the Volume 3: Animation Festival where the 3D images you get to witness are truly amazing and especially Save Me by LICHTMOND which is one of THE best 3D experiences ever. Highly Recommended!

Andrew C. Miller – Your Ultimate No.1 Film Aficionado
Le Cinema Paradiso
United Kingdom

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